Our Boutique currently offers a selection of B.B. Simon pet collars – the ultimate accessory for your pampered pet! We also offer a selection of Essential Oils that not only make your home smell fabulous, but can also help with issues like fleas! Contact Us for more information, or come by and see the selection!

hot pink pet collar with jewels

B.B. Simon Pet Collars

The Ultimate Pet Accessory

Enjoy B.B Simon’s eclectic, unique collection of handcrafted Italian Dog Collars decorated with authentic Swarovski Crystals. B.B Simon leads the way with cutting edge, exciting designs that raise the bar of higher design standards for you and your pet. Bringing you the extraordinary quality and creative genius exclusive only to an original B.B Simon design. You will find the most interesting, unique and fun pet collars available for affordable prices, an ideal combination of value and stunning design perfect for you and your pet!